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The Lord Will Cleanse the Dirt From His House
10/1/20  A deep cleansing will come to the Church and its leaders.  This is required before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  The Lord is calling all of us to a deeper level of personal consecration as well as obedience to the leading and prompting of His Holy Spirit.  Mark Biteler
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Part 2:  Judging the Dana Coverstone 
"Brace Yourself" Dreams (1 - 3)
10/6/20 I continue the process of judging the dreams that Dana Coverstone released.  In this document, I cover his first three dreams.  The Lord is speaking, but are we listening and repenting?  Mark Biteler
Part 1:  Judging the Dana Coverstone "Brace Yourself" Dreams (1-6) - The Major Themes

In this article I discuss the major themes of dreams 1-6 as a whole.  This includes a Biblical discussion as to what the Lord is saying when He say, "Brace yourself."  In addition I look at what the Bible has to say about the hand of the Lord as it relates to judgment from Him.  Topic of judgment is discussed as well.