Aligning With the Holy Spirit for Revival
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Aligning With the Holy Spirit for Revival

Surviving & Thriving During the Lord's Judgment

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/27/20

This article was originally released on January 10, 2014.  Rereading it, I find that it is very relevant to where we find ourselves today.  I hope you find it helpful.  These are very serious times and if we do not follow the Lord's direction but are determined to do our "own thing", we will find ourselves in dangerous, if not deadly, waters.

Mark’s Note:  The following dream and vision were released to me on the morning of January 2nd, 2014.  This revelation merits comment and interpretation which follow immediately.  To read another vision concerning judgment coming to the U.S. released on Oct. 7, 2013, please click hereà A Vision of Judgment for America

In a dream I was in a conference room with a group of people that appeared to be Christian leaders.  A report was being made by a woman who announced that the land was no longer producing food.  She concluded saying that it was devastating.  Finishing her report, another woman stood.  When she did, two symbols I had never seen before appeared before me.  Immediately the Spirit gave me their meaning:  The oceans will die.  I then saw a known leader of a global ministry seated at the table begin to pray.  A person then approached me where I was sitting and I heard the voice of the Lord that permeated my entire being say, “PRAY THAT HEAVEN INVADES EARTH!”  (Mt 6:10)  With that, I awoke and began to ponder the revelation of impending judgment that would be released on both land and water.

It was this command from the Spirit that answered my questions concerning the variety of visions the Lord had released to me since the fall of 1996.  More recently the Spirit has revealed His intention of moving not only in specific areas of America and in the Church, but in China, the Russian Federation, Europe, Israel, Turkey and northern Nigeria.  Until now, I have attempted to describe what I have seen and heard as a multi-dimensional move of the Holy Spirit around the world.  But that doesn’t communicate the power and the intensity of what the Spirit is about to do.  The Spirit coined the words, commanding me to pray, that Heaven will invade Earth!  This is what I am praying for.  This is what I believe the Lord is calling His Church to pray for.

Judgment Released Upon Land & Water

 The same morning, while meditating upon this dream I was given a vision of an angel with seven vials standing upon an ocean.  Each vial contained a manifestation of judgment that would begin to be released upon the Earth’s oceans, causing them to die (Lev 26:18, 21, 24, 28; Ex 7:17-25; Re 5:1-10, 8:8-11, Re 15).  I then saw another angel standing on land, again with seven vials, symbolic of seven types of judgment that would be released upon the land (Lev 26:18, 21, 24, 28; Ex 3:20; Re 6:8, Re 15).

Judgment Will Fall on California – Effects Felt on the  East Coast

I then saw the foot of the Lord (that covered multiple states) with His heel upon California and His foot pointing due east.  An earthquake resulted with its greatest power exerted in what appeared to be the San Francisco region.  The earthquake stretched across the entire U.S. from West to East.  The effects of the earthquake, or the news of the devastation, would be felt as far as the East coast.  At a minimum, the judgment that falls on the West coast will be a sign for those on the East coast.  It is a message for Americans everywhere to repent! (Ex 19:18; I Sa 14:15; Zec 14:3-4; Mt 27:51; 28:2; Ac 16:26; Re 6:12; 8:5; 11:13)

I then heard the Lord say, “Those that have resisted My Spirit, will see mighty demonstrations of My power” (Ex 3:19-22, Ch. 5; 7:3-5, 13-23; Chapters 8-12; 14:13-21; I Kg 18:36-39; Mt 27:54; Jn 20:28; Ac 9:1-19; Rev 11:3-13).  [Please note that the Lord has revealed His intention to bring judgment upon Church pastors and leaders who resist His Spirit as He moves to minister to His people in power.  For more information, please click hereà A Template of Revival in America, page 11]

The Time of Increased Revelation Has Come

I then heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “The speed at which revelation will be released has increased.  The time has come where both the amount of revelation and the frequency it is released will increase; much will be released to the Church.” (Joshua 1-6)

A Mighty Outpouring of the Spirit of God Falls on America

I then saw the United States and the inundation of the Holy Spirit falling from Heaven that was hundreds of miles thick.  In an instant, a flood of the Spirit of God will fall upon the entire United States (Joel 2:28-29; Ac 2:17-21, 38-39; 10:44-47).  In 2012, the Lord spoke to me saying, “That which I revealed that I will do at Regent University, I will do in America.”  (Note:  To read what the Lord revealed about Regent University and the Hampton Roads region of VA, please follow this link to our ministry websiteà A Template for Revival in America)

Since 1996, the Holy Spirit has been progressively revealing what He will do in the Hampton Roads region, the St. Louis region and now the San Francisco region.  Reviewing a map of the U.S., these three major cities essentially make a straight line across the nation.  The invasion of Heaven on Earth is not coming in just one direction to the United States, but in many.  This pattern is similar to the multiple plagues the Lord released when He judged Egypt, fighting for His people. 

Comments & Interpretation

The first thought one might have after reading this prophecy is, “How are we to survive?”  This might be the question, along with others related to it, for both the committed Christian, the true follower of Jesus, as well as the nominal Church member that has long lost their fire and possibly their faith.  I, for one, have been challenged by the Spirit to surrender my dream for a revival that does not require judgment to fall upon the nation I love.  There appears to be no other course to set toward an outpouring of the Holy Spirit than for judgment to come.

And yet, I can offer the Church of Jesus Christ real hope.  Our cry has been to see the lost convicted of sin and saved, the sick healed, the oppressed delivered from the grip of the enemy and the dead raised.  It is the Lord’s intention to bring about what only He can do—a restoration of 1st Century Christianity as set forth as normal in the New Testament.  We live in a period of abnormality in the Church.  The stark contrast of power demonstrated in what the New Testament declares as the normal Christian life is vastly different from what most Americans experience in their lives to say nothing of what they witness on Sunday morning. 

The presence of the Lord is coming with intensity to the United States, and to other nations, which very few of us have ever witnessed, let alone experienced.  His power and its effects will vary in results, but the intention is clear.  The Spirit will answer the Lord’s prayer—“Your kingdom come.  Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Mt 6:10).  This is the mission.  The Bible demonstrates in Lk 5:6 and Jn 21:6 that the Holy Spirit knows how to move fish to a net.  Judgment is designed to motivate those that have demonstrated they will not be motivated in any other way.  It is always the Lord’s last resort, but He will not hesitate to wield judgment when He knows there is no alternative.  I would submit to you that the people of the United States and the Church are drifting further and further away from the Lord.  Dramatic corrective measures must now be taken.

Talking with Church leaders I’ve discerned a definite callousness in their tone when they’ve said, “Well, judgment must come.”  I’ve always found it amazing that these same leaders would not repent of their resistance to allow the Spirit to move in power in their Churches, embarrassed by the Holy Spirit and His gifts while being suspicious of those that minister in His power.  Now the Spirit proclaims that those who have resisted Him will not just see His power, but will see mighty demonstrations of His power.  The Holy Spirit is taking His proverbial gloves off.  He is no longer pleading.  He intends to invade both the Church and this nation.

Similar to Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream, the repetition of the above revelation in the form of a dream which was immediately followed by a vision of judgment leads me to believe that the matter is settled and that the Lord will bring it about quickly (Ge 41:32).  It is important to note that Joseph’s recommendations to Pharaoh included leaders being appointed to lead the nation through a multi-year famine.  Time and again the Lord has revealed to me His intention to promote leaders that will come from the background of His army (Mt 20:1-16; Lk 9:46-48).  The Bible is clear; the Lord gives grace to the humble but He resists the proud (Ja 4:6-7).

The Lord’s emerging leaders will take their place at the front of His army and will establish the battle line.  They will be skilled in following the prompting of the Holy Spirit and moving in His power.  By definition, they are wise in the Lord – they hear His voice and they are obedient.  These leaders honor the Holy Spirit and allow Him to flow through them.  Like a river, the Holy Spirit will flow out from their innermost being that will result in the enemy being defeated (Jn 7:38-39).  They follow the shield of the Holy Spirit into battle (Jos 3:3-4; Ps 68:7; Ac 1:4-5 & 8).  They understand that their identity is rooted in the fact that they are His.  They do not seek their will or the approval of man.  They are not called by man, but they are called by God.  They seek to please the Father, to see His will done on the Earth, and the Lord fights for them (Josh 1:1-9, 10:10-14; I S Ch. 3, 7:3-14, 17:21-58; Da 11:32; Jn 1:20-27; 5:19-47, 12:42-43 & 49).

Leviticus 26 illustrates how the Lord moves in phases of judgment.  Four times in this chapter, in verses 18, 21, 24, 28, the Lord states that if the previous set of plagues does not cause His people to turn and repent, He will judge their sins seven times more.  If the judgment set forth in this revelation is only the beginning of increasing judgment that He intends to bring upon America, then why would we choose to die and see even greater judgment fall on our nation?  The time to repent of our rebellion of not following the Holy Spirit or heeding His voice and turning from our sin and wickedness is NOW! (II Cor 6:2)  Repentance must begin in the Church.

What is the grievous sin of the Church?  We have resisted the Holy Spirit, the one sent by Jesus and proceeds from the Father (Jn 15:26), who is the leader of the Church on Earth!  We do not allow Him to move in power.  We do not allow Him to touch His people.  We do not permit His gifts to operate through His body to bless His flock.  We do not demonstrate His power, preaching the Gospel fully as both Jesus (Mt 10:7-8, 11:2-5; Jn 15:22-27; Ac 1:1) and Paul modeled (Ro 15:15-19; I Co 2:4-5, 4:20; I Th 1:5).  We have become a Church that relies upon words, forgetting Paul’s wisdom – “For the Kingdom of God does not consist in words, but in power.” (I Cor 4:20)  We have become a people that Paul warned Timothy about in II Tim 3:5 – “holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; avoid such men as these.” 

Have we become Church and a nation that Paul would warn others to avoid?  I would submit that we have.  Furthermore, we have become a nation that knows neither the Scripture nor the power of God.

Time and again the Holy Spirit has declared by revelation His intention to confront Church leadership who resist His Spirit.  He will remove pastors and elders that resist the demonstration of the power of His Spirit to the Church in this hour.  They will be stripped of their authority and their responsibilities will be given to others (Is 3:12-15; Je 23:1-2; Ez 34:1-2,4,10-16; Mt 7:21-23, 23:13-15, 25:14-30; Lk 19:11-27).

His flock must be entrusted to leaders that follow the Spirit.  Perilous times demand that we stay close to the Lord, staying in step with Him.  The habit of Church leaders doing what they “think” they should do, moving in the sin of presumption, without relying on hearing from the Holy Spirit, will be nothing short of deadly in the perilous days ahead. (Nu 14:39-45; Jdg 21:25; Ps 19:13; Is 30:1; Je 10:21; Ja 4:13-17)

In this revelation, seven vials were held by the angel that stood upon the land and the other that stood upon the water.  The Bible uses the number seven to demonstrate completeness or totality, as demonstrated when the Lord completed His work of creation in seven days.1  The type of judgment that the Lord is bringing will be, in His view, complete.  If He intends to walk us through the phases illustrated in Leviticus 26, then this set of judgments is only the first phase if the Church and the nation do not turn toward Him.

Jesus prophesied that we would see famines, plagues and earthquakes (Lk 21:11).  Each vial contains a plague that will manifest differently in the land and the water.  At the time of this writing, I am aware of reports of the effects of the nuclear disaster in Japan that is now being detected in tuna and is affecting the Bering Sea, one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.  The radioactive water from that disaster is expected to reach the shores of the United States.  There are differing scientific opinions concerning the effects of the contamination on the United States.  If the effects are greater than what we witnessed during the Gulf oil disaster of 2010, I think we begin to understand the intensity of the plagues that the Lord intends to release.  Leviticus 26 becomes more than words written on a piece of paper.  It becomes very real and very grave.

The earthquake that began in California, approximately in the San Francisco area, with effects felt as far as the East Coast, reveals that the judgment that will begin in that area will be nationwide in scope.  References in Scripture that refer to earthquakes, quaking, etc., indicate the Lord manifesting His presence (Ex 19:17-25; Jud 5:4-5; Ps 68:7-8; Ez 38:19-20; Hab 3:10) to demonstrate His power.  Earthquakes indicate the Lord coming in wrath, entering into judgment upon a nation, including His people, because of sin and idolatry (Is 2:12-22; Je 4:23-26, 10:6-10 & 21; Ez 27:27-28, 38:18-23; Am 8:1-8; Na 1:5-7; Hab 3:3-10; Hag 2:5-9).  I believe that a manifestation of His presence by His judgment is coming to the San Francisco area.

The Holy Spirit speaks of a time or season of increased revelation.  Jesus said that man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (Mt 4:4).  David proclaims that the Lord prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies (Ps 23:5), which suggests an abundance of provision, i.e. revelation, that will sustain us in the midst of the Lord judging the Earth.  Moreover, the ministry of Moses and that of Joshua demonstrate that when the Lord is taking initiative, the frequency and amount of revelation increases.  He moves with precision and reveals to His leaders what He demands of them and His people as He moves them forward.  The Church has been praying decades for revival, little knowing the price and the change that the Lord would require.  I would submit that a period of great change has come.   Great change will be required, in and of, each of us.

Scriptural references to earthquakes are also indicative of the Lord fighting for His people (II S 22:8; Ps 18:4-7; Is 64:1-4).  The Bible also speaks of the Lord being a refuge, protecting His people during times of judgment (Is 54:10; Joel 3:16-17, Na 1:5-8) calling them to repentance (Joel 2:11-14).  Those who know the forgiveness of the Lord can testify that He is ready to relent of bringing destruction to a nation.  We see this in the ministry of Jonah, where the Lord relented of the judgment He had declared would fall upon Nineveh.  Again we see His willingness to forgive and restore those that turn from their wickedness in the parable of the prodigal son (Lk 15:10-32).  The Father is one who demands that we confess our iniquity and when we do, He will forgive (Is 1:18-20).  Again, Jesus taught us that, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Blessed are those who mourn [of their sin], for they shall be comforted.” (Mt 5:3-4).

How sad it is that the Church, having prayed for revival at least as long as I have been a Christian, 33 years, stands in rebellion against the Holy Spirit who is the answer to their prayer!  It is the Spirit that brings life!

The vision suggests a progression—first judgment will come and then a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  The type of outpouring that I saw was of epic proportions.  This is in line with what the Lord has revealed to me in multiple visions since 1997.  The inundation the Holy Spirit revealed to me is in line with Nu 14:21 & Hab 2:14 NASB:  “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”  Nothing in America, from sea to sea and from border to border, was left untouched by this outpouring.  This also stands under the scrutiny of Scripture in that the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof (Ps 24:1|| I Cor 10:26 ESV).  The enemy and the wicked are not entitled to one square inch of what belongs to the Lord.  In multiple encounters with the Holy Spirit, the Lord has repeatedly declared, “I am taking back that which is mine!”  There isn’t a nation on the face of the Earth that doesn’t belong to the Lord.

I declare to the readers of this revelation that the United States will see judgment if the Lord does not see nationwide repentance.  Those that stand in rebellion against the Lord and His Holy Spirit have much to fear.  For those that follow and align themselves with Him, those that will repent and turn to the Lord, He is an ever present help in time of trouble (Ps 46:1-3).  We have now entered a period where we must follow close and in step with the Holy Spirit.  He is our protection in times such as these.  He is our high tower and refuge.  There is no other. 

In Isaiah 3:10-11 (NASB95), the Lord says, “Say to the righteous that it will go well with them, for they will eat the fruit of their actions.  Woe to the wicked!  It will go badly with him, for what he deserves will be done to him.”

I submit to my brothers and sisters in Christ, the Lord’s will is that Heaven invade Earth.  Let us pray in accordance with His will.  He intends to invade our lives, taking us over so that we might do His perfect will.  He desires to accomplish His will in AND through us.  He has chosen to pour through His people (Ac Ch. 2).  Let us keep our lamps filled with the oil of His Holy Spirit. 

Mark C. Biteler

Step #1, Then Step #2

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/26/20

Isaiah 4:4-6 NASB

"When the Lord has washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and purged the bloodshed of Jerusalem from her midst, by the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning, then the Lord will create over the whole area of Mount Zion and over her assemblies a cloud by day, even smoke, and the brightness of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory will be a canopy. And there shall be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and refuge and protection from the storm and the rain."

In short, judgment first (we are in it), then revival.


Video Overview of Judgments Coming to California

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/24/20

Please follow the link to this video - Judgment Coming to California

Mark Biteler

Judgment Coming to California

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/23/20

On June 20, 2020 I released a prophetic vision concerning the Lord’s intention to bring judgment to Los Angeles, CA.  In January 2014 I released a prophetic word where I wrote the following concerning San Francisco:

 I saw the foot of the Lord (that covered multiple states) with His heel upon California and His foot pointing due east.  An earthquake resulted with its greatest power exerted in what appeared to be the San Francisco region.  The earthquake stretched across the entire U.S. from West to East.  The effects of the earthquake, or the news of the devastation, would be felt as far as the East coast.  [MCB1] At a minimum, the judgment that falls on the West coast will be a sign for those on the East coast.  It is a message for Americans everywhere to repent! (Ex 19:18; I S 14:15; Zec 14:3-4; Mt 27:51, 28:2; Ac 16:26; Re 6:12; 8:5; 11:13)

 I then heard the Lord say, “Those that have resisted My Spirit, will see mighty demonstrations of My power” (Ex 3:19-22, Ch. 5; 7:3-5, 13-23; Chapters 8-12; 14:13-21; I Kg 18:36-39; Mt 27:54; Jn 20:28; Ac 9:1-19; Rev 11:3-13).  [Please note that the Lord has revealed His intention to bring judgment upon Church pastors and leaders who resist His Spirit as He moves to minister to His people in power.]

Tonight, the Lord repeated His intention to bring judgment upon Los Angeles and San Francisco.  The sin of California has come up before the Lord.  His judgment will come through an earthquake off the coast bringing a mighty tidal wave of judgment.  This will be far greater in intensity in comparison to the two other recent judgments that He has already released against America in the form of Covid-19 and racial turmoil.  He intends to bring His judgment to all of California, from the north to the south.  No part of the state will be unaffected.  He is coming in great wrath and vengeance.

He will root out the sin of the wicked of California like a person turning over every rock to find a snake.  Californians, you are being warned; if you do not turn and repent of your wickedness, great judgment is coming from the Lord.  The Lord has tried to reach you, but you have refused His voice.  Time and again, the Lord reached out His hand to you, but you refused to listen.  Now, He will bring judgment unless you will turn!  There is still time!

I then asked the Lord, “What should I pray?!”  The Lord replied, “Nothing!  Only lament.” 

Mark Biteler

Judgment Coming to Los Angeles, CA

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/20/20

In a vision this morning, I was following the Lord as He walked to a column of military vehicles including tanks and trucks.  He then walked to the head of the column.  He then pointed to an area where the vehicles were to be stationed and would begin their assault.

He then pointed to a city that was to be attacked.  He said, "I will bring My judgment against this city because they have not responded to Me." I asked, "What city is it, Lord?"  He then revealed the letters -- L.A.

The Lord has been saying that He would bring His judgments upon the major metropolitan cities, moving from west to east.  Years ago, He revealed that He would place His heal upon San Francisco - the judgment there will be very severe.

We are now seeing judgment released upon Seattle and Portland.  We will see the Lord move in great judgment through our land, because neither the country nor the American Church will not repent of sin against the Holy Spirit.  Leaders of the Church refuse to tell the truth to the flock that judgment has been released, therefore, more is coming.

We are experiencing overlapping judgments.  First the plague of Covid-19, second, war in the form of racial violence.  The coming destruction of other major metropolitan cities will cause many to say, "It looks as if there has been a war here."

It is time for the Church to turn and lead America in repentance.  Why will you die, America?!

Mark Biteler


I Am Getting Ready to Roar

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/20/20

Received this word on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 in two pieces.  I wrote it down and felt that today was the day to release it:  


I saw a lion’s mane – I was very close to the mane.


“I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and I am getting ready to roar.”

There is darkness coming.  I am calling my people to stand.  Stand.  I say it again, STAND!  Proclaim what I give you.  Focus on me.  Great darkness is coming and you need to focus on me.  I say it again: Focus on me.  


Later:  Tongue and interpretation

Have I not told you I am getting ready to roar?  I am getting ready to roar.

I am getting ready to roar and I am getting ready to roll – as the waves roll in – in the hurricane and the storm surge is often the worst part – I am getting ready to roll and I am getting ready to surge.


There is a great coming in of my power, a great coming in of my glory, a great coming in of my wrath – I am coming in and I am washing clean – as the storm surge comes and disrupts.  As a storm surge comes and uproots – as a storm surge comes and invades.  It discombobulates everything – that is the season you are getting ready to go into – things are going to be discombobulated, things are going to seem crazy and you need to focus on me.  Stay alert and focus on me.  FOCUS ON ME!


Yes I told you – I told you – I told you on that day – that I could change the landscape in an instant and yes, I will change the landscape  in an instant.  I will uproot.  I will dislodge, I will remove the things from high places – I will remove the despots, I will remove.  I will uproot and I will remove.


I am coming in like a mighty rushing wind.  Many have prayed that I would do it again but they do not know for what they are asking. 


I hear the following words:  Dislodge.  Uproot.  Change the landscape in an instant.  


April D. Turner

Seattle is Our Fort Sumter

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/17/20

Seattle is our Fort Sumter. The Communist Left has declared war. This is civil war and unless it is treated as such it will spread. Give the devil an inch and he will take the city, the state and then the nation.  We are at war.

Mark Biteler

Judgment Falls on the Guilty, Not the Ignorant

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/13/20

There are a few times when I have shared with those in ministry what the Lord has been saying about judgment coming to the Church, including Church leaders, that they respond with, "What about those who just don't know any better?  They may only be following others or what they have been taught.  What about the pastor of the small church in the country who is doing all he or she can with the limited resources they have?  Will the Lord bring judgment to them as well?

First and foremost, we must understand that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, knows everything and everyone.  His judgments do not fall upon the ignorant, but upon the guilty.  

Leaders in the American Church are guilty of high treason against the Spirit of Jesus, having rejected the power of God and the manifestation of His gifts, the foundational element of His Gospel.  As a kingdom of priests unto our God, members of the congregation stand guilty as well.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  This truth is doubly true for those who know the Lord and have His word, but do not study the Bible nor do they believe what it says.  Having rejected the Bible, they do not know the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Not hearing the voice of the Spirit of God brings judgment. 

The Spirit proclaims, "There are none more guilty than My Church."

Many in America, seeing the powerlessness of the Church and the hypocrisy of those who say they believe the Bible but no longer believe in the power of the Gospel, have rejected Christianity.  They are always offended and attempt to right the wrongs of past generations because they too are guilty before God.

Judgment comes to the guilty in all of the above instances.  America has lost its way because the Church has lost its salt.  Leaders in the Church were given a solemn charge, having been called by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Having forsaken the leading of the Holy Spirit, judgment is falling for the sake of His flock, His remnant, and those destined for salvation.  The Lord will make His Bride ready for His appearing.

Mark Biteler

Judgment – Destruction for Major U.S. Cities & the Lord Rebukes Pastors

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/11/20

Amos 5:17 “And in all the vineyards there is wailing, because I shall pass through the midst of you,” says the Lord.

In a vision, I saw the Lord standing and speaking to America. “Are you indeed a country of independence? But you are not independent of Me, for I am the foundation of your Constitution. I, Myself, can rip up the Constitution. There is no deeper foundation than Me. You rest on the founding fathers who rested upon Me.”

“America, I will clean you of your harlotry. With My own feet, I will trample down those who call themselves the “Church” but do not follow Me; My judgment will be upon them. I will pour out My anger and My vengeance, for none are as guilty as My Church. I have taken hold of My sword and I am pulling it from its sheath, for I will have righteousness in America.”

I then saw the Lord walking through America from west to east, trampling down those who stand against Him. The Spirit then reminded me, “Did I not say that you would be appalled at what I would do? You have seen fires, but you haven’t seen anything yet. The destruction that I revealed to My prophets years ago would come to major metropolitan cities will come to pass.”

Those who pass through the cities that receive My judgment will say, “This looks like a war has taken place here.”

There will be desolate skyscrapers. Those who sit, live and work in these buildings believe they are above it all. The Holy Spirit proclaims, “I will bring My vengeance to them.”

The Lord will rebuke pastors to their face. They will not escape the wrath of the Lord nor His judgment; He will find them – there is no hiding place that will be safe for pastors who stand against His Holy Spirit and against His Holy One, Jesus.

I then saw judgment as fire and brimstone falling from Heaven because that is how deep the sin is in America and in the Church. America is like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Mark Biteler

China will be a Nation of Peace

by JRP Ministry Staff on 06/11/20

The Lord says, “I will not relent in My judgment against China.” Then the Lord revealed His intention against China; He will pound them like dust and He will not relent.

The Lord proclaims to the demonic principalities over China, “You have ruled over that nation from the beginning and now I declare war against you. You would not relent; therefore, I am bringing you down. There will be peace over that nation for I, Myself, will establish it; for I am the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I will drive war from its borders.”

“The nation of China is and has been a nation of war, but I will bring peace. For the Lord says, “China will be known as a nation of peace!”

Mark Biteler

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