Aligning With the Holy Spirit for Revival
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Aligning With the Holy Spirit for Revival

The Truth About Worship Leadership in the American Church

by JRP Ministry Staff on 02/17/19

Many worship leaders would be astonished to learn the truth that the Holy Spirit moves the majority of the time in spite of them, not because of them.

The American Church has an astonishing number of naturally talented musicians and worship leaders who operate without any anointing whatsoever. Without the Holy Spirit flowing through a musician/singer, they might as well be beating a tin cup with a wooden spoon.

Mark Biteler

Let Him Through

by JRP Ministry Staff on 02/10/19

We can worship and enjoy the presence of the Holy Spirit, but if we don't yield ourselves to allowing Him to flow through us in His gifts, then we no longer need to know why revival hasn't come.

Revival isn't rocket science. It is yielding to the Holy Spirit on a continual basis.

Mark Biteler

There is no Discipleship without the Holy Spirit

by JRP Ministry Staff on 02/10/19

The primary job of the Holy Spirit is to reveal Jesus to the believer. Without giving the Holy Spirit free reign in the Church, disciples are unable to be discipled by the One they are following.

What is the result? Disciples become weak in the Spirit and leaders wonder why many of their members have a multitude of problems. Endlessly working on symptoms rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to deal with the root issues of the heart, leaders find their calendars filled with appointments for counseling, while many believers are unable to walk in the victory Jesus purchased for them.

Without the Holy Spirit there is no discipleship. Without the Holy Spirit there is no Church, but rather a gathering of people who worship false light and who love teachers of false light.

Mark Biteler

The Elimination of the Holy Spirit in the Church

by JRP Ministry Staff on 02/10/19

A popular radio personality recently made the observation that God is being systematically eliminated from the American cultural. Why? One of the key reasons is that Church leaders have systematically eliminated the Spirit of Jesus from their services.

The Church is called to be salt, but it has lost its salt and as a result America is dying from within.

Church leaders must repent from their folly or lose their positions.

Mark Biteler

How to Honor the Holy Spirit as a Church Leader

by JRP Ministry Staff on 02/06/19

The Lord talks to me a good deal about His perspective concerning the Church.  He is our Father and a good father will tell His children they can't do something any more that is going to be harmful to them or others.  In some cases, a father will have to step in and stop his child/children because of the danger.  That is what our Heavenly Father is about to do with the Church and her leaders.

Dishonoring, spurning, grieving and rebelling against the Holy Spirit is something that is so commonplace in the Church that the Lord is laying down serious consequences for not changing our behavior.  But what can we do to change and move into the blessing of revival that He wants to give us?

It's really pretty simple.  Leaders should begin teaching about the Holy Spirit and His gifts.  The Body of Christ needs to allow the Holy Spirit to come in and do whatever He wants, whenever He wants, through whomever He wants in whatever measure He wants.  Each member of the Body of Christ is called to be an open floodgate of the Holy Spirit.  We have to make decisions at the heart level, committing ourselves to allow the Holy Spirit to do whatever He wants to do in us so that He can do whatever He wants to do through us.

Bottom line, we have to surrender our will to His in order to become what He wants us to be...and what He has always destined us to be.  There simply is no other way.  That could mean walking away from a particular denomination that is steeped in compromise and apostasy.  You and I cannot run with those that are living in compromise/apostasy and get away with it.  In addition, if you are financially supporting a church or denomination that is running in compromise, you are as guilty as they are in their sin before the Lord.  You cannot run with the wicked and not be judged.

Many leaders have some very serious decisions to make about what they say about the Holy Spirit on Sunday morning.  If we are ashamed of Him, He will be ashamed of us.  To honor the Holy Spirit, we must invite Him publicly to move in any and all of our services, small groups and meetings.  He is the Lord and the Spirit of Jesus.  We must honor and worship Him.  He was sent to the Church by the Father and the Son.  If we don't follow His leadership and direction it means we want to go our own way and do our own thing and call it ministry.

One thing we need to ask ourselves is when did anyone in the Bible decide to do their own thing and it worked out for them?  It didn't work for Adam and Eve when they disobeyed and ate fruit from the tree of knowledge.  It didn't work for Moses when he struck the rock twice instead of speaking to it like the Lord commanded.  It didn't work for the Israelites when they decided to enter the promise land when the Lord told them that He would not be with them after they believed the negative report.  So, why would we think doing our own thing, even if everyone thinks its a good idea, wouldn't get us in trouble?

This is where we are.  We have decided that not allowing the gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow is OK.  It is not ok...that choice is an affront to the Spirit of Christ and leaders who want to continue in that path will be judged.  The message from the Lord is simply, "Change or perish."  Those aren't my words, those are His words to me for the Church.

We must change direction if we are to experience the blessing of God and see the revival that He will send.  But He must have leaders that will obey Him in order to do it.  Those that will lead in the future will be those who hear His voice and follow Him.  Pretty simple.

Let's make the decision today to change by honoring and obeying the Spirit of Christ not with our lips, but with decisions that result in action.

Mark Biteler

I Remember a Conversation with a Pastor

by JRP Ministry Staff on 02/05/19

I remember having a conversation with a pastor. He was questioning why, with so many churches, the Lord still hadn't sent a revival.

The answer is simple when you hear the Holy Spirit talk about the issue. Many leaders refuse to allow the Spirit to move in their services, while giving lip service that the Holy Spirit is "there". The Spirit of Jesus Christ is not mocked. He knows where He is welcome and He knows who the rebels are.

Many pastors won't allow the Spirit of God to move, because that would mean they would have to surrender to His leadership and they don't want any part of that. They would rather preach out of their mind and the wisdom of the world, or simply regurgitate what someone else has preached. They would rather beat the flock and tell them they aren't loving enough or doing enough. They would rather give them a list of things out of the New Testament that they should start doing rather than pointing to Jesus Christ who gives them the power to live a holy life.

They would rather do that than usher in the Holy Spirit so that the flock of Jesus Christ could be cared for. Instead, pastors are serving death and destruction in their messages. They don't preach revelation from the Holy Spirit because they don't seek Him for it! They would rather preach from one of the latest books they found.

A pastor may be able to fool a congregation, but he/she can never fool the Holy Spirit! The time to repent of this rebellion is now...not tomorrow. When a leader repents and humbles themselves they will find a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit come into their lives, refreshing their hearts and the hearts of those in their congregation. The Holy Spirit has an abundance of fresh bread for the flock of Christ for leaders that confess they have nothing and are nothing.

What are the components of the confession that the Holy Spirit will respond to? Simply say, "I am blind, naked, wretched, miserable and poor! Give me eye salve for my eyes that I might see what you are doing and align with you. Apart from you I can do nothing. Come and forgive me! Come and cleanse me and allow me to feed your flock with Heavenly Bread from your hand."

Mark Biteler

A Prophetic Word for Atlanta Area Leaders & Churches

by JRP Ministry Staff on 02/04/19

The Holy Spirit proclaims that leaders must hear and obey His voice and follow His leading or they will be judged and removed from their leadership positions.  For far too long leaders in the Church have made decisions without His counsel and have spurned His leadership, grieving the Spirit of Christ.  This is the sin of presumption, which is nothing short of outright rebellion.  The Lord repeated this proclamation over the city of Atlanta three times, demonstrating that He has determined to bring judgment quickly to those that will not repent. 

Now is the time to repent for leading Churches without honoring and obeying the voice of the Lord’s Spirit.  “Woe to those who stand against Me in the day of My wrath!”, says the Lord.

By the Spirit, I saw the symbol of the Georgia peach over Atlanta.  Then the Lord showed me massive, rotten peaches full of decay and death in different areas of the city.

I then saw the Lord kneeling weeping over the city.  I asked Him, “Why are you weeping?”  He said, “There is no fresh bread for the people in the city.”  Fresh bread is revelation from the Holy Spirit.  Instead, leaders have relied on what they think they should preach.  They preach each other’s sermons and/or preach out of books.  They are simply regurgitating what someone else said, rather than waiting upon the Spirit of God to reveal His word to their hearts and thereby provide Fresh Bread and Living Water to the flock of Jesus Christ.  Anything else will not satisfy the flock, causing it to become emaciated as they attempt to graze in burned out pasture.

I saw the Lord lifting hands in prayer to the Father.  He was praying in tongues.  I was then given the interpretation that He was crying out for various areas in the city to be established as places of revival.

The Lord also revealed two scenarios.  One where leaders were gathered around a table looking to one another for answers to various issues or problems.  The other was where Jesus sat at the head of the table and everyone was looking to Him to speak and provide revelation as to how to go forward.  The Lord wants His leaders to wait on Him for revelation as to how to move forward and what action to take.

I then saw a pastor asking someone who was not called by the Spirit to fill a position in the Church.  The result is worldliness filling the Church allowing the enemy to fill the void.  Only those called to take positions as leaders in the Church are permitted to minister to the Lord and in His House.  The Holy Spirit intends to purge His Church by removing the wisdom of the world within His ranks.

The Lord demands that any person who has a position in His House who was invited by a pastor or another leader, rather than called by His Spirit, to resign immediately.  If they don’t, the Lord will confront them.  The Church of Jesus Christ is to be led by those chosen by the Spirit, not by man out of a desperation to fill a position.

There are some who gather to worship false light.  They love their teachers of false light.  The Lord intends to close these gatherings.  They are not to be called “churches”.  He loves people too much to allow them to be deceived by these teachers.

The time has come to be intentional and repent from our sin of operating the House of the Lord Jesus Christ like a corporation in the wisdom of the world.  We must have revelation by the Spirit to walk in the days ahead.  The Spirit proclaims, “Dangerous and perilous times are ahead!  Stay in My Glory!”  How do we stay in His Glory?  By listening to His voice, receiving His revelation and obeying.  This is Biblical faith; this is Biblical Christianity! 

Mark Biteler

The Gifts That Jesus Gave

by JRP Ministry Staff on 12/25/18

During Christmas, many of us enjoy opening gifts that have been given to us.  We can't wait to see what someone has given to us.  It would be unfortunate for us to stare at the presents under the tree, enjoying the wrapping paper and ribbon and stop there.  Those that prepared the gifts for us would be disheartened of we didn't open their presents.

So to the Holy Spirit has given gifts to us that are meant to be opened and enjoyed.  Why not make a decision today to open what has been prepared for you and I, by asking the Lord to pour His gifts through us, whatever He has chosen to give us.  He always makes the perfect selection.  Salvation is the greatest gift that the sacrifice of Jesus made possible, but He never intended us to stop there.  There are still all of the gifts of the Spirit that Paul described in I Cor 12 that are designed to manifest the power of Jesus.

May we honor the Holy Spirit today, Christmas day, by asking for Him to release and open His gift(s) through us so that He will be glorified.  As we give Him room to move in and through us, He will push back the darkness in the lives of others, demonstrating that Jesus is the greatest Gift of all.

Merry Christmas!

Mark Biteler 

The Inspection of Leaders Has Begun

by JRP Ministry Staff on 12/11/18

The question the Holy Spirit is asking everyone currently in a position of leadership in His Church is, "Did I place you in the position you hold, or did man place you there? If I did not call you to that position, then you must surrender your role or I will remove you."

I suggest that every leader carefully evaluate what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to His Church. The Lord is inspecting those in leadership positions.

Mark Biteler


by JRP Ministry Staff on 12/03/18

The Bible offers an interesting contrast between how we normally think and take action versus how we are to depend upon the Lord to release His direction and obey.  This is only part of a study on revival myths that the Church typically embraces that keep us from realizing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit many have been praying for.  Understanding the difference begins to get the largest hindrance keeping us from the outpouring the Holy Spirit has declared is coming, which is what we believe. 

Worldly Intentionality:  Pro-active, take action, making decisions on our own, do something, strategize, figure it out, what is the latest thing…do that!, if it works for them we should do it too, etc.!  It is the sin of presumption.
Ge 3:1-7  The original temptation is between these two types of intentionality.
Ge 11:1-9 Tower of Babel
De 1:43  Moses rebukes Israel for attempting to possess land presumptuously.
Is 30:1  “Who execute a plan, but not mine”
Ac 27  The centurion demonstrates just how far the natural mind will take you
Biblical/Spiritual Intentionality:  Starts with humbling ourselves by confessing our sin, knowing that unless the Lord allows us to see what He is doing and hear what He is saying, we will never arrive at His destination – REVIVAL!
By Him we live, move and have our being (Ac 17:28), where we follow the leadings/promptings of the Holy Spirit
Le 26: 40-45; II Chr 7:14; I Co 2:6-14;  Ex 14:15-17; Jos 1:2-3;  Is 55:8-9; Mt 5:3-4; Ro 8:14; Ja 4:6-10, 13-17; I Pt 5:5-7; Re 3:15-22

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