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Mark C. Biteler
Prophetic Corner - July 31, 2018  

Our focus has been to reach out to the St. Louis region to blow a trumpet in Zion.  Our hearts are burning with a battle cry that the Holy Spirit has entrusted us with.  He is calling forth new leadership to take their place at the front line.  He intends to intensify the level of judgment upon the St. Louis region.  The Church will not escape this judgment without repentance.  It must repent of its rebellion for habitually resisting and grieving Him by not allowing Him to move.  The Holy Spirit is not willing to negotiate a peace with the deep-state of rebellion standing against Him, His power, His signs and wonders, or His gifts that are designed to flow through the Body of Christ.  You can read more on this by following this link >>        The time has come for the Church to reject the wisdom of this world by embracing Jesus Christ who is our wisdom.

For additional revelation concerning the Lord's intention to bring righteous back to America and how we should align with the Holy Spirit, please read the letter below.

I would ask you to prayerfully consider distributing the link to my letter to any leader in the St. Louis area, anyone responsible for churches in the St. Louis area or anyone that you know in that region.  May the Lord have mercy and may the Church arise and repent for habitually grieving the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit will reclaim His sheep.  They have been led away from knowing and experiencing His power (through the manifestation of His gifts) and His presence.  Today is the day for leaders to turn back and follow the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus!

Mark Biteler
A multi-dimensional move of the Holy Spirit is coming to America!
April D.Turner, M.Div.
Sr. Staff Minister